Why can dishwashing liquid purify smeary?


Why can dishwashing liquid purify smeary

1. Detergent can enhance the dispersion and suspension ability of dirt.
Its surfactant has emulsifying ability, can emulsify oil into small oil droplets and
disperse suspended in water, prevent oil droplets to gather again.Surfactants can also
charge the surface of solid dirt, using repulsion between like charges to disperse solid
dirt in water and prevent dirt from redeposition.

2.  It contains surfactants and emulsifiers, these things are oil-loving, will disperse the oil.

3. Detergent is the main component of surfactant, surfactant is a molecular structure
containing hydrophilic and oleophilic two parts of organic compounds.
Many of the oleophilic groups are inserted into the oil, forming hydrophilic groups on the
surface of the oil, which can be dissolved in water and then stripped off when dissolved with the oil.

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